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If you are reading this you are probably interested in how the Felidrake species became what it is today. Read on to find out!

In the beginning Edit

It all started when the fire nation attacked......


In the beginning there was a thought. A thought created by a young girl by the name of Izzy who had no idea of what she was about to create.

A cat she decided. No a dragon! But I want an owl fursona too! She thought utterly perplexed in her decision making. But then it dawned on her. A new species was born among the ripples of her slightly mental brain. A crossbreed species! An owl, a Cat and a Dragon all in one! It was perfect!

And then came the issue of naming it.

The 'Meowlie' Edit

As the species proceeded to influence her thoughts and pen, a name arose. A name suited to a cute little species of cat, owl, dragon things.

The Meowlie.

So simple yet meaningful she thought to herself as she wrote the name down. But alas, the birth of her second fursona Vex would be a changing point for the species.

In the creative hell-hole known as 'Limbo' Edit

Vex was all Izzy had dreamed for in her species, but something was wrong. Something wasn't perfect after all. In a time of strife, crowded by assessment tasks and work Izzy became trapped in a Limbo of sorts desperately trying to scratch to the surface so she could fix everything. But for many months she lay alone in purgatory not knowing what to do!

'Ding' light bulb Edit

Alas! it came upon her! Her once imperfect species had now had an idea that could change everything! Everything she had known about her species flew out the window closely followed by her social life and the Meowlie evolved.

Now more fierce, wild and dragon-like the Meowlie's days of being cute and innocent were over. Vex's very being urged Izzy to create a new name for the species. The name that is what we know today.

The Felidrake!

And there we are. I'll probably change this at some stage.