Me Edit

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About Izzy Edit

Hi there! My name is Izzy and I am the creator of the Felidrake species.

I was born and still live in Sydney, Australia and I am (as of 2017) 16 years old. I read, write and draw in my spare time (if I have any) and most of my drawings are digitally produced on my Wacom Cintiq 13inch HD. Some examples of my work will be featured on this site.

How I discovered the fandom Edit

In early 2017 I discovered the wonderful furry fandom and created my first fursona. I knew about the fandom since I was first enthralled by the wonders of the internet but it wasn't until I stumbled upon youtube user Sparky! or Sparky Bites and I would really like to thank her for truly getting me into the fandom. I also based my first fursona of her Sabertooth Tiger suit.

Although highly ridiculed due to distorted and misinterpreted messages from a minority of the group, I truly love this fandom to bits and wouldn't look back at all.

My Fursonas Edit

Although being only one person I have 5 official fursonas.For those of you who are new to the fandom or don't know what a fursona is, it is basically a furry (anthropomorphic animal) that someone creates to represent themselves in the fandom.

Khaise Edit

Khaise was my first Fursona and my primary one. She is a bouncy Sabertooth Tiger with a big heart and a wild mind.

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Vex Edit

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Vex was created shortly after Khaise as a secondary male fursona. He is the first of his species (the Felidrake) and is very, very old... and very, very gay. He is quiet but comes out of his shell around friends.


Honeycomb Edit

Honeycomb is my third fursona. It is a genderless Dutch Angel Dragon that is very much animalistic and child-like in nature.

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Elysian Edit

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Elysian is... interesting. She doesn't actually have a species although somewhat resembling a deer. She is very girly (think stereotypes) and loves most things that I don't.


Glitch Edit

Glitch is my evil side. He is a cyborg Sergal with one hell of a bad attitude. enough said.